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Saturday, August 18, 2012

August and Everything After

I can't believe is August, and soon enough, it's back to school time.  It's crazy how time flies.  My oldest is going to Kindergarten next year in September, and in about a month, my youngest will be two years old.  
This week's cake was a lot of fun to make!  The wonderful lady who ordered the cake for him told me that Mervin (the birthday boy) is a very hands-on kind of person, he can do anything, from fixing computer to cutting up chicken.  Making the details of the cake was tons of fun!  The chicken was my favorite!  And I am happy to report that Mervin loved the cake and the details!  

Happy Birthday, Mervin!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

01100011 01100001 01101011 01100101

I hope I did it right, it should spelled "cake" in binary codes!  I had the privilege to make a cake for Olivia's husband.  I met Olivia when we were both in one of my close friend's wedding party.  Olivia asked me if I can make another Android-themed cake (see the other Android cake here)
Olivia's husband created this android 2D  images to represent their family.  It's just the most adorable thing, specially the baby Android with the pink binkie.  Ah, I should ask them to make one for me with a cake on hand.. haha..
After a few exchanges of emails, Olivia came up with a genius idea of binary codes that said "I love you" for the side of the cake.  I am no genius in math and numbers, and she gave me a little lesson in binary codes... I am a geek at heart, so this is so much fun for me!  The binary codes on the side should say "I LOVE U."  Attaching the numbers were not as easy as it looks, I had to make sure that they're straight and aligned, in one single motion, hold your breath, attach, and exhale (even as I type this, I was holding my breath).  

(Happy Birthday, Chris!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

C'est La Vie, C'est Si Bon

I can't believe how time flies.. Our darling niece is celebrating her 2nd birthday!  It seems that not too long ago, she gave us a little surprise to all of us by showing up early to this world.  But praise the Lord, she has grown to be a healthy, brilliant, and adorable little girl!  She charms all of us with her infectious smiles, quirks, and laughs every time we see her.  

The bear was again inspired by Paige Fong, a brilliant cake artist.  I simply can't get enough of these bears!  I was thinking of Paris when I decorated the cake.  Pink and black is just one fabulous combination.  Then, to perfect it, I picked up a gorgeous paper at Zing Paperie & Design during my afternoon out with my son, Robert.  Oh, the chandelier is just so perfect for this cake!  Tres chic!

Happy Birthday Alyshia!

It's Gonna be Bright Sun Shiny Days

I had the honor of making a surprise wedding cake for my friend Ivan, who lives in Taiwan, and they're going to have an intimate wedding ceremony in the beautiful British Columbia.  I met Ivan when I was working at the dealership.  He has been such an ambassador for my cake.  He has been very supportive, generous, and kind.  I still remembered his order when I haven't gained my confident just yet in cake decorating.  But he encouraged me and giving me feedback.  I am grateful for him.

Ivan left the design up to me, with a few key elements that need to be included in the cake: bride and groom figurines, yellow (his wife's favorite color), and Snoopy+Woodstock.  I modeled the figurines of "them" from the beautiful photoshoots they did in Taiwan.  Both of them looked like a couple celebrities, according to my Mom-in-law!  She had this fabulous asymmetrical ruffled/tiered dress on.  Oh so fabulous!

The weather was perfect for their wedding ceremony with beautiful blue skies and gentle breeze.  The Van Dusen Garden provided a perfect setting for their wedding ceremony.  And I know that they would have amazing pictures as their photographers are the Bebbs, from Bebb Studios.  They took our wedding pictures for our wedding back in 2005.  What a lovely coincident!

Such a lovely day for a lovely couple!
Congratulations  Ivan and Joyce!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Bear, with Love

This weekend, I had the privilege of making cake and cupcakes set for Chloe, who celebrated her first month!  I got the privilege to know her Mom too, who is an avid bear collector.  She has an extensive collections of adorable bears from plushies to chopstick holder that she collected since she was little.
My inspiration came from EVE N' arTistry who created these beautifully made and adorable hair clips.  My heart was set on these beautiful clips that she created (you can get them through her Etsy store).  I can only oogle at her beautiful products as I only have two rambunctious boys who even refused to wear their "handsome" hats (the only accessories I can get on them).  The other inspiration came from Chloe's photo session with Athalia's Photography, who always take gorgeous pictures of babies and weddings.

Happy One Month Old, Chloe!