At Sugar Penguin Cakery, we add an extra touch of love into your celebration.
Imagine a white round cake as your canvas.
We create custom cakes inspired by your story
and your ideas by bringing them to life
using edible fondant art!
Our passion for creativity has led to our
love to bake cakes for you to love!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010


If only all babies were really delivered by storks. Imagine!

It is time for Sugar Penguin Cakery to announce Ivone's maternity leave. Robert's baby brother is due at the end of October so Ivone will be leaving our full-time work place and taking a break from cakes as of September 1st to prepare for her second little one. Ivone and I will keep up with our blog/website to update you on baby news and cake news because it's never been just about cakes. It's about two ladies, total rookies at this cake stuff, and documenting our journey. There has been many ups and many downs since starting our cakery from February until now - all lessons to be learned. We are not exactly sure when we will take orders again but hopefully we won't stay away for too long. When Ivone and I sat down and listed our priorities before starting cakery, family was right up there. As you all know, we both have full-time jobs and do cakes during evenings and weekends so we don't want to spread ourselves too thin. Thank you in advance for your understanding and loyalty!

I will be heading back to BCIT in the fall to further my studies in marketing. I will be aiming to achieve the Marketing Communications Management Certificate while cakery is on hiatus. Talk about both of us keeping busy!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sold out for all of AUGUST!

Sold out again for all of August!!!!

This month has been tough - the two weddings we just came off of were a LOT of work. Hand cut flowers all over the kitchen, staying up until the wee hours of the morning trying to finish all our orders, driving all around time doing deliveries...but one thing know is that the show must go on and we cannot disappoint! We didn't really have time to take good photos of Lighting McQueen which was delivered today or a wedding order for 150 cupcakes. =( But I assure you. Blood, sweat, tears...all there!

We just took on two more orders at the end of August and that's all our two pairs of hands can do.

A quick but sincere thank you to our husbands. Reza was up with Ivone carving out Lightning McQueen and Adrian ran to Superstore for me when I ran out of ingredients and helped me washed everything when I was done with my tools. Gold stars for both of you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Weddings and a Traffic Jam

This passed weekend, we made not one, but two wedding cakes. Each of the wedding cake are not your typical wedding cake. One is nature-theme and the other one is an East-Indian theme with saree as the inspiration. One is very sweet, with delicate flowers and a hummingbird perched on one of the branch. The other one is quite the opposite, where the color is bold, and the detail is rich and intricate, done in painted and dusted in antique gold. It's a gruelling process, but the end results were gratifying. Though we had the most amazing time making those wedding cakes and delivering them..., a traffic jam almost ruined our day. Let's not get into that and let's keep the happy thought for these wedding cakes! :)

Congratulations to the two brides and grooms!

Here's the detail of the hummingbird

And lastly, here's the intricate wedding cake: