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Sunday, July 22, 2012

When Smurf Met My Melody

I pulled it off!  I managed to keep things under wraps, with only a few people knew about the surprise birthday cake for my brother-and-sister-in-law!  My sister-in-law loves cute sanrio characters, and My Melody is one of her favorite characters.  I was thinking of making them each an individual cake with a character on top the cake.  I was thinking of making another lego character for my bro-in-law, but my husband said, 'you gotta do smurf."  So I made the cake with "When Smurf Met My Melody" theme. The Smurf is so smitten with My Melody and presented her with a red rose.  I almost had to do an all-nighter since my plan to make the cake on Friday was interrupted by the kids and my husband being in-and-out of meetings all day.  BUT, I did it since I got the two characters ready.  I had to do the apple tree with a "carved" of their initials just for the fun of it.
I reckoned the suspense was building up during our yummy dimsum brunch and I managed to capture her surprised look on her face when she opened the box of cake!

Happy Birthday Anna and Assaf!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fifty Shades of Pink

Sorry to disappoint, no, it's not the prequel of much-talked about books.  Ha!  It's more like I've been wanting to work with ombre colors on cake for a while.  I finally got the chance to do it!  In the middle of the hustle and bustle of making the cake for Charli, I got a request for an express cake, to be picked up the next day.  Simple cake is what I had in mind, but once I sat down and look at my cake "canvas," and I said to myself, I want a beautiful cake, I want to bring a smile on the recipient of the cake, and in this case, Hailey, who was turning 4.
Those pink ombre colors is just very, very lovely on a cake.  I think I simply have to make more later!

Happy Birthday, Hailey! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

California Dreaming

This was my song when I was prepping for this week's birthday cake for a cute little girl named Charli.  Her Mom emailed me more than a month ago with this brilliant idea of a beach-themed cake for her daughter's birthday.  I was very excited as we're keep on waiting for the beautiful sunny days to (finally) arrive in Vancouver.  June, or shall we say, "Junuary," has been dreadful with rain and gloomy days.
Once Charli's cake finally put together, I just felt like to sink my feet with her in the sandy white beaches, making sand castles, and sit on the chair under the umbrella and read my one-chapter-a-day Storm of Swords from the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yesterday Once More

Here's another take of the world's most beloved kitty (see the other ones, here)!  There's something about this cute, cute kitty that everyone loves.  With two boys at home, I have no chance in making Hello Kitty cake for any of them.  My son, Robert, just looked at it and said oh, that's cute, and walked away.  Such a contrast compare to the Lego ninjas that I made for my BFF's son the other day.  Nevertheless, Hello Kitty never fails to provide me with challenge.  It's never easy to make her, but it's always satisfying to see the end result.
Well, summer is finally here and I hope everyone enjoy gorgeous sunny days as much as we do!

Happy Birthday, Evelyn!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Ninjas Did It

I had my fun this week as I was asked to make a Lego cake by my BFF for her son's 7th birthday.  My husband and I grew up playing Legos and our son too, starts playing Lego.  After I had no reason whatsoever kept on having this Honda commercial song in my head ("I"m a Ninja"), of course, I had to include the ninjas into the cake.  My husband was my biggest critique, he made me re-do some of the "blocks" just because the size was off.  Oh hubbly bubbly (got the nickname from my darling friend at Bluebay Desserts)....

I didn't come up with the original design though (I think it was Duff's Charm City Cakes who came out with the peek-a-boo legos), it's more like my interpretation of the ones that are out there.  The ninjas not only they were fun to make, but they seem to have characters of their own.  I didn't think the green ninja liked the sword that I "forged" for him.  It broke after I tried to attached it to him... tsk tsk tsk...
Then I had to part with them... *SIGH*  It was so hard to part with the these ninjas.. even my son was literally begging me so that he can take a picture with the cake.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

I think those two things that I don't really like, you're grounded because it's yucky outside and your start of the week is always hectic: emails to reply, things to do, and thinking of activities for the kids to do at home.  But this Monday was different!  I was too excited as it was the day to register to CakeLove 2012.  If you're wondering what it is, it's a cake conference.  Yes, CAKE conference.  There's consumer electronic one (CEDIA) that my husband usually attend, there's the COMIC-con that we would like to attend someday, and finally the cakers have their own CAKE conference.  I had to miss last year's conference, but this year I am going!  YAY!
The minute the registration opened, I think the site crashed for a few minutes, almost feel like you're trying to get a hot seat for say, a COLDPLAY concert.  I was almost in tears when I found the class that I wanted was full and I opted for a different class with the same instructor (the fabulous Jacqueline Butler from Petalsweet Cakes).  But thank God, I double checked again a couple after that and found out that the class space for the one that I am DYING to take is still available!  I managed to switch and got enrolled in the one that I wanted! Double YAY!
The conference coordinators worked tirelessly to make this happened and I really appreciate their hard works.  They patiently replied to the posts and emails within reasonable response time.  Kudos to them!
If you're cake fans and you like to watch Food Network and TLC, you'd be so excited to be able to see these fabulous line up of instructors, as many of them have been on the competitions on TV, like: Norm Davis and Zane Beg, Peggy Tucker, James Rosselle, to name a few.

While I am dreaming about this cake conference until October, I will leave you with the cake that I made over the weekend for my husband's colleague who celebrated her 30 years in business of interior designs.

Congratulations, Patricia!