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Monday, June 18, 2012

Golden Year

Congratulations to Sam and Judy who just celebrated their 50th anniversary this past weekend.  I had the privilege to make the cake for them as requested by their daughter who went to high school with my hubby.  At first we thought of just golf theme cake, but SR, their daughter, had the brilliant idea of putting the bride and groom as the cake topper and still continue on with the golf theme as they both love to play golf.  Quite a challenging cake as you have to incorporate two of the ideas and making it work.  I played around with the gold theme (gold represents their anniversary year) and I kept it very modern and clean. 
The challenge for me was just getting it all together, as I was without my Mom-in-law's help this month and my hubby just happened to be very busy with his client this week. But by the grace of God, I did it.  Praise the Lord.  

This morning, their daughter replied to me in the email:

They loved it. It was a hit!!! I had it on a pedestal displayed throughout the eve and then took it from table to table after the candles were. Blown out so all 40 saw it. Lots of ooos and awwws. It really was amazing, thank you!!!!!
Nothing can make you happier than that!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Island in the Stream"

This weekend, I had the privilege to make the cake for a beautiful girl who's turning 9. Her Mom emailed me that she will be having a Hawaiian party theme... Then immediately I thought of those white sandy beaches, colorful leis, seashells, and beach sandals! But, the birthday girl had something set in mind already! All she wanted was a cake with blue icings, a palm tree, and an orange hibiscus! Simple, right? No....... I decided that I have to up my game with my sugar flower techniques, wiring. So I wired every single of the palm leaves. It was not easy, I have to say. And requires A LOT of patience, which I don't have these days.. After wiring was successful, I had to WAIT..... yes, wait, for a good few hours before I can work on them again. Not too long either because they can just break, thennnnn... you have to do it all over again. Same goes with my simplified hibiscus. 

I delivered the cake to her house and just looking at the expression on her face, I knew that she loved it! That's my reward. My fatique and tiredness were all gone..., paid off by the smile on her face!

Happy 9th Birthday, Sophia!

Now cue that song again, "Islands in the stream, That is what we are, No one in-between, How can we be wrong, Sail away with me to another world, And we rely on each other, ah-ah......"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Learning Curve

The day my art teacher told us to do portrait, I was doomed. I can't draw people. I can draw building, still life, and cute creatures, but not human. The same thing goes with cake decorating, forever I have been avoiding making sugar people. I was just simply mortified of picturing the end result will be. Seriously, I don't want to ruin the birthday party because I made an awful, awful sugar people. Even until I successfully fulfilled the challenge that my dear friend, WP asked me to do (see this post), I still feed inadequate in making them. It's still a learning curve and I am getting more and more comfortable in making them.  

This cake that I made for Ariana for her baptism is on the pastel pink tones. I kept everything dainty and sweet, just like Ariana! Her Mom sent me her picture and I can't help but falling in love with her... she has these beautiful eyes and she is such an adorable little one. I was happy that the sun came out to celebrate her baptism!

Congratulations on your baptism, Ariana! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Under the Sea

I had lots of fun making this my version of this mermaid cake for Bianca! It reminds me how beautiful the coral reef and how vibrant the under water habitat is. The beautiful blue turquoise blue water, the colorful fish and corals... I loveeee making what I always refer as "nemo" rather than the clown fish. I love painting every single one of them :) I am stil obsessed with dusting colors on my flowers, and Ruth Rickey recently just opened my eyes of layering colors would bring things to "life." What difference it made. I dusted the mermaid's "fish" part with several layers of color, and with colors that I would never think I would use and I am thrilled with the end product! Lastly, thank you to my cake buddies, Siana and Annie for keeping me company during decorating. Love you both!

Happy Birthday, Bianca!