At Sugar Penguin Cakery, we add an extra touch of love into your celebration.
Imagine a white round cake as your canvas.
We create custom cakes inspired by your story
and your ideas by bringing them to life
using edible fondant art!
Our passion for creativity has led to our
love to bake cakes for you to love!

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So tell us your story and let's start baking!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

WE DO!!!

Ivone and I have received two wedding inquiries so far and we couldn't be more pleased! (Again, thank you to those who refer us. You know who you are and you have our utmost gratitude!)

It's definitely in our stars to expand to weddings!

Ivone and I started making cakes together about 3 months ago. Whenever we take any order and we get that special story to inspire our design, we know where our skills are. If we don't feel like we can make you an AMAZING cake for your celebration, we just don't take the order.
Simple as that. We can't take a chance on customer satisfaction so we don't.

Ivone and I are both married. (Not to each other but it sure feels like it sometimes! hahahaha!) Ivone used to manage a bridal salon and have worked with many brides ranging from relaxed to irrational. I am an event planner/marketer during the day. We both planned our own weddings. We know the importance of the wedding cake. It plays a big role in reinforcing the theme and colors of the wedding. It's something that people look forward to and it's there to form a fond memory when the happy couple cut it together in front of photographers and guests.

Also, because we're starting out, we can be very competitive in terms of pricing too. When I was getting married, I wished I knew a vendor like Sugar Penguin Cakery. I needed something simple and elegant...I needed to stay within budget...and I needed to please my mother-in-law. For those who have not heard the story, ask me and I'll gladly tell. =) I digress!

So do we make wedding cakes? WE DO!

Friday, April 23, 2010


We got a call from a wonderful customer two weeks ago who asked if we could make him a cake on short notice in celebration of his girlfriend's birthday. You can just tell by the way he talks about her that he really cares about her. How could Sugar Penguin NOT help?

The last time we made a cake for this customer, we had a bear (him) serenading a bunny (her) with her dog, Otis. This time, we have a beautiful bunny wearing a flowy, soft blue dress taking in a moment to enjoy the fresh air with plush grass and blooming flowers.

We hope you had a very happy birthday and we hope you enjoy your chocolate cake with oreo icing.

We experimented and altered our cake recipe a bit and the result - even moooooore moist than before. For those who have tasted our cakes, the feedback has already been very positive (if you were honest, and we hope you were because we can handle the truth!) but there's always room for improvement!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You can now see everything you want to know about Sugar Penguin at!

Visit us for new updates, new cakes, new photos, new ideas, thoughts of the day, and what we're working on today and tomorrow.

We were thinking of design your good ol' regular website but what we do - making cakes - has been such a journey and we want to share our story with you!

Each time we create a cake, it takes about 5-6 hours for EACH order. We pour so much love into it because this is what we enjoy and we wouldn't deliver something that wasn't good enough for our own loved ones. We know you love photos. We know you love to see the detail. We know you want to know the story behind the design. So this blog was the perfect solution, along with full photo albums on our FB page.

So much easier now to tell your friends about us - just tell them to go to =)

Busy Bees

April and May is going to be CRAZY for Sugar Penguin - but great to see so many families getting together with birthdays, and of course, MOTHER'S DAY to celebrate! Thank you to those who are helping us spread the word!
They say those who are the most busy gets the most done. I sure hope that's true! There are times when Ivone and I look at each other across the's midnight on a Friday night, after a 15-hour work day, with our make-up all runny, mascara under our eyes, corn starch in our hair, and we simultaneously say, "I'm done." HAHAHAHA! But each cake is so rewarding to work on and we cannot wait to put these orders together.
Stay tuned for photos! If you're thinking of putting in an order, two weeks notice is good. That will give us enough time to plan our design and make it ROCK!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oreo??? YOU GOT IT!

Add Image
Sugar Penguin is so excited to be a part of Felicia's get-together tomorrow for her little girl's classmates and we are GOING TO THE SPA! We never post photos until the customer has seen their creations first so you will all have to wait...

But she asked for Oreo icing...THAT SOUNDS YUMMY!!!!!
So we did it and we're going to add it on to our regular menu. It's just too DELICIOUS to not share it with everyone. Try it on your next cake order!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Picnic

More challenge this week! This week's challenge is to create a cake based on the gingerbread dolls. When it comes to gingerbread, what comes to mind is pretty much Christmas and the gingerbread houses. We came up with the idea of the gingerbread dolls having a picnic. Then it comes easily from there: bread baskets, some french breads, croissants, cupcakes, and some apples!

We were so giggly during the making of the cake! I hope you'll like them as much as we do! The best part of this cake though, was when I saw the eyes of the birthday girl lit up with excitement as she saw her surprise birthday cake from her parents. Oh such joy!