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love to bake cakes for you to love!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

WE DO!!!

Ivone and I have received two wedding inquiries so far and we couldn't be more pleased! (Again, thank you to those who refer us. You know who you are and you have our utmost gratitude!)

It's definitely in our stars to expand to weddings!

Ivone and I started making cakes together about 3 months ago. Whenever we take any order and we get that special story to inspire our design, we know where our skills are. If we don't feel like we can make you an AMAZING cake for your celebration, we just don't take the order.
Simple as that. We can't take a chance on customer satisfaction so we don't.

Ivone and I are both married. (Not to each other but it sure feels like it sometimes! hahahaha!) Ivone used to manage a bridal salon and have worked with many brides ranging from relaxed to irrational. I am an event planner/marketer during the day. We both planned our own weddings. We know the importance of the wedding cake. It plays a big role in reinforcing the theme and colors of the wedding. It's something that people look forward to and it's there to form a fond memory when the happy couple cut it together in front of photographers and guests.

Also, because we're starting out, we can be very competitive in terms of pricing too. When I was getting married, I wished I knew a vendor like Sugar Penguin Cakery. I needed something simple and elegant...I needed to stay within budget...and I needed to please my mother-in-law. For those who have not heard the story, ask me and I'll gladly tell. =) I digress!

So do we make wedding cakes? WE DO!

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