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Friday, September 23, 2011

Helloooooo Kitty!

Oh Hello Kitty, you are so hard to make!  I took a challenge to make Hello Kitty figurines and hoped for the best.  One wrong placement of the eyes or nose, it's no longer Hello Kitty, it's more like "Hello Katty" (quoted from Bonnae).  First night of making Hello Kitty, I almost die with frustrations.  I took a full day break and strategized of how I am going to tackle this character.  I rarely took a commission doing existing characters since they are the hardest to make and if you don't do it right, it's horrible.  I did tackle that achilles heels of mine and I am pretty darn happy with the result.  You don't look so bad, Miss Hello Kitty!  Then I got another call from the hubby (who ordered the cake for her lovely wife, aka my buddy, FC) and requested another small cake with another small cake for a surprise cake.  Oh.  Help.  Me.  Lord.  I couldn't say no to him as they are super nice friends of ours who always so generous and kind.  
And so I did it.....  Here are the two cakes:

The above cake is a 4" personal cake.  The cake is a double chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  

This is the second cake for the surprise celebration:

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, FC!


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