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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Ninjas Did It

I had my fun this week as I was asked to make a Lego cake by my BFF for her son's 7th birthday.  My husband and I grew up playing Legos and our son too, starts playing Lego.  After I had no reason whatsoever kept on having this Honda commercial song in my head ("I"m a Ninja"), of course, I had to include the ninjas into the cake.  My husband was my biggest critique, he made me re-do some of the "blocks" just because the size was off.  Oh hubbly bubbly (got the nickname from my darling friend at Bluebay Desserts)....

I didn't come up with the original design though (I think it was Duff's Charm City Cakes who came out with the peek-a-boo legos), it's more like my interpretation of the ones that are out there.  The ninjas not only they were fun to make, but they seem to have characters of their own.  I didn't think the green ninja liked the sword that I "forged" for him.  It broke after I tried to attached it to him... tsk tsk tsk...
Then I had to part with them... *SIGH*  It was so hard to part with the these ninjas.. even my son was literally begging me so that he can take a picture with the cake.



  1. This is the coolest cake! The best Lego one I've seen - it's good that you and Hubbly Bubbly are such Avid, Discerning Lego lovers ; )

    1. Thank you, Ney-Ney! We always think about you everytime I call him Hubbly Bubbly :)


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