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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Heartfelt Letter

A while back, a co-worker (and a dear friend) of mine, S.A., requested us to make a cake with a specific topper for his friend who is going to go to an expedition, to climb Mt. Logan. Everywhere she goes, she would bring her "friend" Pepe along. She sent me this heartfelt email that just touched your heart and brought a big smile on your face.
Here's what she wrote and some pictures of Pepe and the cake:

Thank you very much for the lovely - and delicious! - cake which was a huge surprise to me. And it was a surprise in several ways...

It is awesome to have good friends and share fun, adventures good and difficult times with them. You get to know each other's strengths and weaknesses the more you share together! One of my dear weaknesses is Pepe - my great travelling companion, the little stuffed sheep that has been with me all over the place. Our last big adventure was the expedition to Mt. Logan - Canada's highest mountain. On the eve of our departure we had a little gathering and my (our) friends came with a surprise box.

I was speechless to see the miniature Pepe crowning the cake with the summit of Logan jutting out of the ice-blue icing, just like it does from the glacier in reality. The attention to detail was fantastic - down to the backpack strap, the jacket zipper and the ice axe. It was simply perfect, and this, I learned later, after just showing you a picture of Pepe and telling you about our expedition! Definitely the work of an artist!
Friends and people who later saw the pictures of the cake were quite envious of Pepe; but such is life. If they have good friends like I do, they can always come to you and have their own funny, crazy, tasty and unique cake done! I'm certainly not keeping it a secret, where they can find the awesome cake artist. Keep making people happy through your work and creativity! To turn ideas into sweet reality! That's truly awesome!

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  1. Oh Ivone and Bon Bon! It's GORGEOUS! I hope someone orders a Lumpy Cake : ) You guys are amazing!


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