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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Challenge Week

Let me begin with how thankful I am for this dear friend, W.P. He has been the most supportive of me and my cake adventure. I am thankful and grateful for his supports and his encouragement.
He challenged me by asking me of making a cake for his friend, who likes to play piano. W told me that he'd like to include a few of her favorite things in the cake: her daily starbucks coffee, her love for Louis Vuitton bags, and her favorite flowers, daffodils. At first, I was just about to settle for an upright piano, since in construction, I know that it should be easier than a grand piano. But of course, W requested for a black grand piano. I was flipping through all of my sources, trying to figure out how am I going to make this grand piano. Then I stumbled into this lady who did this UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING CAKE (I'll post later all about her).
To make the piano, I have to cut several gumpaste pieces for the base, the cover, the keys, and the feet. Then you have to wait for all the gumpaste dry out. At the end, the piano was too heavy to be just supported by three piano feet. I opted for a support in the middle as I didn't want it to collapse. Bonnae did an AMAZING job with the piano keys. She plays the piano, so making those keys came quite easily for her, though it was not easy as she had to painstakingly score each and every key, making sure they are even as believable as a real piano.
At the end we're happy with the piano, I think it looks quite amazing. I am proud of that cake. Thanks W., for giving us a chance and challenge us in making this cake and being a part of the celebration.

You can see more details in our facebook page.

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