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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cake Love 2012

I've been waiting for this event to come for a whole year!  This is the second year of The Vancouver Cake Society held the "Cake Love" conference.  You probably read my previous post in regards to this fabulous event back in July and FINALLY, it's here!!  And out of the days that I got a soft tissue infections, this was the week that I had to endure.  *SIGH*  The rain and the pain did not dampen my spirit and I decided to make the most of it.  

The first workshop I took was with James Rosselle.  What a delight to finally met him in person.  I have admire his works as he was not one, not two, BUT THREE times Food Network Challenge champions.  He is very down to earth and we had such a great time in his class, the Ba Da Bling! Mini Wedding cake.  He was very patience with us, who kept on dropping those super pretty dragees (DRA-jays).  Nevertheless, we ended up with a cake that it very, very pretty and glamourous!  Thank you, James, for sharing your knowledge with us! 

My finished cake and with James Rosselle

Ba Da Bling! Mini Wedding Cake with James Rosselle
My next class, it's the class that I've waiting for, for years!  I've been a BIG HUGE fan of Jacqueline Butler's work.  I was dying to learn from her.  I took her online class with, learning to make hydrengeas and filler flowers.  I love how she is very precise and methodical and the result is just breathtaking!  Thank you, Jacqueline, for being so patience with me and sharing your tremendous knowledge in making your signature open peony.  Thank you!

The very awesome Jacqueline Butler
My peony from Jacqueline Butler's Petalsweet Open Peony class
All of us were so grateful for Norm and Zane for spending an hour (and more) of their time by giving us a free demo.  Norm and Zane have a valuable bag of tricks that they shared with us.  I had a whole day class that day and exhausted, but I am SO glad that I went and met with two of my cake heroes!  Thank you, Norm and Zane!

With one of my cake heroes, Norm R. Davis

with the wonderful Zane Beg

I had a lot of fun when I took Ruth Rickey's "Blings, Bows, and Fantasy Flowers."  Ruth has a lot of fantastic and neat tricks up her sleeves that have added a whole new level of knowledge for me.  Ruth is very kind and generous and I loved every single minute we're at her class!  Thank you, Ruth!
(will add picture from Ruth's class later) 
with the awesome and fun Ruth Rickey
This is my display cake.  I wished I have done a bit more "wow" to it.. The cake was done in less than 4 hours altogether.  I had 4 months to do it, but between kids, work, and cake order, and myself being the biggest procrastinator, I left it to the last minute.  Lessons learnt.  Nevertheless, Norm was giving me a very kind criticism, and I know he is being kind to me.  He said that my work is very clean, and "clean" is awesome!  The only thing he would add is a few flowers by the bear.  Thank you, Norm......

My display cake at Cake Love 2012's display room

BIG kudos to all the ladies and gents at Vancouver Cake Society for bringing this awesome event to Vancouver!  I had the most fun weekend, I was exhausted, but absolutely inspired: new sets of skills acquired, new bonds of friends formed.

Looking forward to Cake Love 2014!

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  1. Wow, this cake is one of the prettiest I had seen, it is so simple, well done and dreamy! and your flowers are beautiful, my mother crafted flowers for over 14 years and I can tell you, you have nothing to envy to the big ones in the industry. Congratulations for your inspiration to others.


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