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Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Flower

It has been a whirlwind of a month!  I was knee-deep in cocoa powder and flour, breathing fondant, and covered in shortening  almost on daily basis.  BUT, it was all worth it!

I love everything about this wedding cake.  The bride designed this romantic, yet modern cake for her wedding for me to make.  The challenge for me was to get the color right and making the sugar roses.  I have been so obsessed with sugar flowers.  I am so obsessed of trying to get them to be "botanically correct."  I can't believe how much work that are put into making them, from making the bud, wiring the bud, thinning the petals, and ruffling them so that they'll come "alive."  I am lucky that with this day and age, I can learn from the best through the internet.  I have to give credits to Jacqueline Butler from Petalsweet Cakes who opened my eyes and showing me proper techniques of making sugar flower.  The other one goes to Alan Dunn for showing me how exactly to place the petals in his book, and lastly to the roses that I massacred just because I want to get it right.
The cake itself presented a challenge in order to get the color exactly right.  I killed about 2 lbs of fondant just because I was not happy with the color, it didn't turn out the way I wanted to be.  But praise the Lord, all was paid off when the bride said that "the color is perfect."  Nothing can make you happier, period.
This beautiful photo was taken by the talented Julin Lee at Athalia's Photography.  I literally nagged her to show me the picture of cake as I was dying with excitement.  We did a themed-photoshoot together back in August (remember the "Enchanted Forest"?).
My dear husband and my Mom-in-law has been so amazing in helping me making this cake.  She took care of my two rambunctious boys for a couple of days while I was intensely baking the cakes.  My dear hubby who helped me loaded the kids and the cakes up in the car during delivery in the pouring rain.  And my dear friend, DH, who made sure that the cake and I were not soaking wet once I reached the site.  God Bless you all!

Congratulations to David and Olivia!

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