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Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Pink!

Angry Birds is like my daily bread, my 4 year old son keeps on talking about it, build "structures" from pillows, tissue boxes and empty boxes he could find around the house, and he even made the slingshot with his cheese strings. Endless possibilities, everything can be structures and don't get me started with the slingshot.  My son seems to be quiet when you first meet him, just say the trigger word "angry birds" and the dam would break until you regretted using that trigger word.  Oh boy.
When my client asked me to make Angry Birds cake for her daughter's birthday, I did not hesitated. My son was truly happy that I made another Angry Birds cake. And since he's doing pretty good in his "sketching," I let him sketch the structure for me, which he was more than happy to do. 

This is my take on a girly version of an Angry Birds. I took the inspiration from the "cherry blossoms" in the game by creating soft pink tone on the cake and adding some blossoms for the girly factor :) Enjoy! 

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