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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crazy About the Daleks

I have to blame my husband for my obsession with the Doctor and I am sure he doesn't mind. Doctor Who is one of of the old British series that got a makeover, new casts, but the rests are about the same, the TARDIS, sonic screwdriver, even the nemesis, the one and only DALEKS.

For his birthday, I decided to be a little ambitious and had a little Dalek in mind... Unfortunately the week didn't turn out as planned, I overbooked myself and I had no choice but to 'simplify' the Dalek. The word 'simplify' was actually a little understatement. I hope I didn't make into the Cake Wrecks website for butchering the Dalek. I ran through several 'obstacles' as I was making this cake, the dimension was wrong for one, then I caught my little one munching happily on the not-yet decorated cake. Oh boy.

I imagined myself being Davros when I crafted my version of the Dalek (cue in wicked laugh). I literally was covered in in gold lustre dusts as I have to brush the surface of the Dalek with gold. Once, it's all covered, I had to attach the laser gun, the toilet plunger lookalike thing, and also his eye. One strange looking Dalek, I thought. Nevertheless, the cake was done on time, I was not 100% happy BUT my hubby was very, very happy with the cake. YAY! The rests of the family didn't know what or who Dalek is, so when they saw the cake, they thought it was a toy! O...kayyyyy......
Here's the picture of the Dalek, the real Dalek and my butchered version of the Dalek. To all Doctor Who fans out there, I am very sorry... and one last word of 'wisdom' "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE"

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