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Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little One (Pocoyo cake)

I was reminded once again of how time flies. My baby, who's not so little anymore, just turned two last week. I had "Teddy Bears picnic" in mind for his birthday cake, but after watching him enjoying Pocoyo on daily basis, I decided to make him a Pocoyo-themed cake. Pocoyo is a animated series about this young lad's life adventure with his buddies: Ely, the pink elephant; Pato, the duck; Loula, the dog; and sleepy bird.
It's the first time for me to make fondant/gumpaste figurines based on actual characters. It took me lots of try to get Pocoyo right, even then I am not 100% happy with how he's turned out, he's more like a lego character than Pocoyo. The second character was Ely, the elephant. She's not THAT hard to make, but she is larger than the rests, and of course, I have to pick an awkward pose for her.... yes, that's me, always up for a challenge. The gumpaste figurine was heavy on top, so I have to use a lot of supports (read: cocktail sticks and spaghetti sticks).
Though I wasn't completely happy with those two gumpaste figurines, my dearest son recognized the two characters in an instant, it gives you such a gratifying experience.

I hand cut the "trees" made of chocolate fondant, I pre-cut the tiny flowers (for the flower bushes--and boy aren't they so tiny!) and just place the rests of the guys on top of the cake. I also made small colorful balloons made of gumpaste.

Here's the scene that I have to make the adaptation from:
And here's the finished cake!

Happy Birthday, my dearest Son...

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